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• Is there a perfect place in the world to live?

• Is that place affordable?

• What are the practical issues surrounding spending months or years abroad?

• Without sacrificing our comfortable American lifestyle, what are some of the best countries to enjoy an extended visit or to perhaps own a second home?

This brand new television series answers those questions by embarking on an unparalleled journey to many of the best and most affordable countries in the world to own a second home. Featuring breathtaking footage of the most spectacular and desirable locations around the world, ‘A Home in Paradise’ also digs below this surface with important logistical information about each country that every potential real estate investor should know. We also seek out and interview intriguing Americans that have actually made the plunge and are actually living in each country profiled.

This series is targeted at the adventurous investor or escapee who wants to learn about countries in the world that are not as well known as those in Europe, for example. It’s for the person that’s considering the idea of buying a 2nd home in a foreign country; and for the armchair traveler who simply enjoys the vicarious thrill of seeing what it’s really like to live a second life in affordable countries that look very much like paradise.

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